Having Fun with Friends

The idea of ??this production was to show a group of friends having a good time, laughing and talking in a very casual and natural atmosphere.

In the casting I looked for profiles of different ethnic traits to show a multicultural group. I like to show groups with different traits. I think it gives a lot more richness to the pictures.

I found it very funny to show in the pictures how two of the friends taught skateboarding to the girl. She had never used it before so it made everything even more interesting. And luckily there was no accident.

The fourth protagonist of the production was the Sun. Always present from the background, giving lens flare to the images and helping me to give the strength that I wanted.

The dressing had to be very very casual. In that way, the images had the natural and carefree atmosphere that I wanted.

In the shooting the whole team did a very good job and I am very happy with the result.

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