Couple on their First Date

In this shooting I wanted to show a young couple having a good time while they drink a few beers and eat some snacks. I wanted to show images full of joy and good atmosphere. The location is very simple but at the same time has a touch of glamor with a very soft color palette.

In this session, more than in others, the protagonist is the light of the Sun. I wanted to play with the rays of the Sun at dusk entering from the background. The interesting thing was not just to play with reflections of the Sun in the camera lens. I also wanted to play with reflections on the couple’s beer glasses. That is a very interesting touch that gives quality to the images.

The casting focuses on looking for models with Caucasian features. Both models did very good work and in the images you can see the good atmosphere that was in the shooting.

Both the reflections and composition of the image remained as expected. So I am very happy with the result.

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