New toy at studio, the Nikon D810!!

We have new toy at studio! It is the Nikon D810. We hope to create amazing photos with this camera at 36.3 megapixels. We are purchasing new amazing equipment to provide you even better images. I´m so excite! I can´t wait to start to use it in our new productions!!

Young Team working Together

The idea of ??this shooting was to show a group of young people working in an office. I wanted to show young entrepreneurs very happy working on their business project. I also liked the idea of ??mixing different ethnic characters and creating a multicultural atmosphere.

To achieve this goal, I focused on casting in finding very different profiles of the same ages and even different nationalities.

To give strength to the images I found it interesting to play with the natural light that came through the window.

The models did very well. They did a magnificent job and there was a very good atmosphere throughout the shooting.

The wardrobe is very important. They are not fashion pictures, but being photography of lifestyle, it is very important to help give the idea with the correct costumes. That’s why I wanted to work with casual clothing within a proper color palette with the location and the idea of ??the shooting.

I am very happy with the result of the shooting. I think it shows exactly the idea I had in my head at start creating this production.

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