Behind the Scenes: Couple at Restaurant – Advertising Photography Shooting

bts with the Profoto B2

What struck me most about the location of this shooting was the warm lighting with bulbs of tug. It gives a very special touch to the restaurant and I wanted that this light were the protagonist of the photos.


Behind the scenes with the Profoto B2


In the casting I focused on looking for a boy and a girl between 25 – 35 years old. I think the idea did not work well with models with different age profiles.


I wanted that the wardrobe were very casual but formal at the same time. I wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time very close to a corporate wardrobe. So that the images are not used only by a publicist or designer who wants photos of two friends in a restaurant. May the couple appear to be on a date or meeting after work.

Using the Profoto B2 at location with tug lighting at background

Since the lighting of the location did not give me the lighting I needed, I also used flash. The Profoto B2 with its TTL remote trigger. The feeling it gave me was like being in continuous light. Again and again I could move the light and at the moment it could adjust the light without the need of a photometer thanks to TTL technology. A flash system that really surprised me!

using the Profoto B2 at location

Both the models and the rest of the team did a great job and everything went as well as expected.

You can see the whole shooting at:

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