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Behind the Scenes: Couple at Restaurant – Advertising Photography Shooting

bts with the Profoto B2

What struck me most about the location of this shooting was the warm lighting with bulbs of tug. It gives a very special touch to the restaurant and I wanted that this light were the protagonist of the photos.


Behind the scenes with the Profoto B2


In the casting I focused on looking for a boy and a girl between 25 – 35 years old. I think the idea did not work well with models with different age profiles.


I wanted that the wardrobe were very casual but formal at the same time. I wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time very close to a corporate wardrobe. So that the images are not used only by a publicist or designer who wants photos of two friends in a restaurant. May the couple appear to be on a date or meeting after work.

Using the Profoto B2 at location with tug lighting at background

Since the lighting of the location did not give me the lighting I needed, I also used flash. The Profoto B2 with its TTL remote trigger. The feeling it gave me was like being in continuous light. Again and again I could move the light and at the moment it could adjust the light without the need of a photometer thanks to TTL technology. A flash system that really surprised me!

using the Profoto B2 at location

Both the models and the rest of the team did a great job and everything went as well as expected.

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Couple Dating at Pub

We already have our first photography production with our new Nikon D810. It´s amazing the quality of this camera.

The idea of this shooting is create commercial photography about a millennial couple dating at a pub, showing the typical dark atmosphere of this places. To create this atmosphere I found it very important to create an environment with just the right amount of light. And work with the correct relationship between natural light and artificial light. It was very important to show the different points of light that were in the location. Giving a touch of color to the scene but with a relationship between light and shadows very strong.

In the first two pictures that I show you, the idea is well displayed. The costumes should be in accordance with the idea of the ?? shooting, so I used dark colors with touches of red to create a palette of homogeneous color throughout the scene.

In most of the photography the side light usually works better but in this photo, with the big lamp with warm light just above the models, it is undoubtedly the key element that gives strength to the image.

Finally, I wanted to create a series of images showing the process of payment by card, mobile phone and payment using a touchpad. You can see the rest of the images at the website.

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Young Team working Together

The idea of ??this shooting was to show a group of young people working in an office. I wanted to show young entrepreneurs very happy working on their business project. I also liked the idea of ??mixing different ethnic characters and creating a multicultural atmosphere.

To achieve this goal, I focused on casting in finding very different profiles of the same ages and even different nationalities.

To give strength to the images I found it interesting to play with the natural light that came through the window.

The models did very well. They did a magnificent job and there was a very good atmosphere throughout the shooting.

The wardrobe is very important. They are not fashion pictures, but being photography of lifestyle, it is very important to help give the idea with the correct costumes. That’s why I wanted to work with casual clothing within a proper color palette with the location and the idea of ??the shooting.

I am very happy with the result of the shooting. I think it shows exactly the idea I had in my head at start creating this production.

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Couple on their First Date

In this shooting I wanted to show a young couple having a good time while they drink a few beers and eat some snacks. I wanted to show images full of joy and good atmosphere. The location is very simple but at the same time has a touch of glamor with a very soft color palette.

In this session, more than in others, the protagonist is the light of the Sun. I wanted to play with the rays of the Sun at dusk entering from the background. The interesting thing was not just to play with reflections of the Sun in the camera lens. I also wanted to play with reflections on the couple’s beer glasses. That is a very interesting touch that gives quality to the images.

The casting focuses on looking for models with Caucasian features. Both models did very good work and in the images you can see the good atmosphere that was in the shooting.

Both the reflections and composition of the image remained as expected. So I am very happy with the result.

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Having Fun with Friends

The idea of ??this production was to show a group of friends having a good time, laughing and talking in a very casual and natural atmosphere.

In the casting I looked for profiles of different ethnic traits to show a multicultural group. I like to show groups with different traits. I think it gives a lot more richness to the pictures.

I found it very funny to show in the pictures how two of the friends taught skateboarding to the girl. She had never used it before so it made everything even more interesting. And luckily there was no accident.

The fourth protagonist of the production was the Sun. Always present from the background, giving lens flare to the images and helping me to give the strength that I wanted.

The dressing had to be very very casual. In that way, the images had the natural and carefree atmosphere that I wanted.

In the shooting the whole team did a very good job and I am very happy with the result.

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