New toy at studio: Profoto B2 Kit and the Profoto Air Remote TTL for Nikon

We have new toy in the studio. It is the Profoto B2, from now on we can take studio lighting to whatever we go. So far I have tested many portable lighting systems but all them were very heavy or they warmed up a lot and they blocked, they had very little power or the battery lasted very little…

After test this flash on several shooting I am sure that it will help us a lot to continue creating new and new images. The quality is surprising, weighs nothing and after testing and testing never gets hot.

If you purchase one, review the firmware version. My Profoto B2 and my Profoto Air Remote TTL for Nikon came with an old firmware version. To update them, visit the Profoto User´s website and you will see the link to the downloads and manuals.

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