Couple Dating at Pub

We already have our first photography production with our new Nikon D810. It´s amazing the quality of this camera.

The idea of this shooting is create commercial photography about a millennial couple dating at a pub, showing the typical dark atmosphere of this places. To create this atmosphere I found it very important to create an environment with just the right amount of light. And work with the correct relationship between natural light and artificial light. It was very important to show the different points of light that were in the location. Giving a touch of color to the scene but with a relationship between light and shadows very strong.

In the first two pictures that I show you, the idea is well displayed. The costumes should be in accordance with the idea of the ?? shooting, so I used dark colors with touches of red to create a palette of homogeneous color throughout the scene.

In most of the photography the side light usually works better but in this photo, with the big lamp with warm light just above the models, it is undoubtedly the key element that gives strength to the image.

Finally, I wanted to create a series of images showing the process of payment by card, mobile phone and payment using a touchpad. You can see the rest of the images at the website.

You can see all the images at:

You can license all this images and more for commercial or personal use at our website.

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