Behind the Scenes: Couple at Restaurant – Advertising Photography Shooting

bts with the Profoto B2

What struck me most about the location of this shooting was the warm lighting with bulbs of tug. It gives a very special touch to the restaurant and I wanted that this light were the protagonist of the photos.


Behind the scenes with the Profoto B2


In the casting I focused on looking for a boy and a girl between 25 – 35 years old. I think the idea did not work well with models with different age profiles.


I wanted that the wardrobe were very casual but formal at the same time. I wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time very close to a corporate wardrobe. So that the images are not used only by a publicist or designer who wants photos of two friends in a restaurant. May the couple appear to be on a date or meeting after work.

Using the Profoto B2 at location with tug lighting at background

Since the lighting of the location did not give me the lighting I needed, I also used flash. The Profoto B2 with its TTL remote trigger. The feeling it gave me was like being in continuous light. Again and again I could move the light and at the moment it could adjust the light without the need of a photometer thanks to TTL technology. A flash system that really surprised me!

using the Profoto B2 at location

Both the models and the rest of the team did a great job and everything went as well as expected.

You can see the whole shooting at:

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New toy at studio: Profoto B2 Kit and the Profoto Air Remote TTL for Nikon

We have new toy in the studio. It is the Profoto B2, from now on we can take studio lighting to whatever we go. So far I have tested many portable lighting systems but all them were very heavy or they warmed up a lot and they blocked, they had very little power or the battery lasted very little…

After test this flash on several shooting I am sure that it will help us a lot to continue creating new and new images. The quality is surprising, weighs nothing and after testing and testing never gets hot.

If you purchase one, review the firmware version. My Profoto B2 and my Profoto Air Remote TTL for Nikon came with an old firmware version. To update them, visit the Profoto User´s website and you will see the link to the downloads and manuals.